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The Right Book, From the Right Place

Check out this new video to learn all about purchasing and renting textbooks.

I speak textbook video

When you get your books from the campus bookstore, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need to be prepared for class. Textbook editions change all the time, we work closely with your faculty members to ensure we have the right books on our shelves for all of your courses. Simply visit the textbook department, find the name of the department that offers your class, and find the textbook on the shelf underneath its course number. 

Are you worried that you might drop the class? There is no need with our add/drop protection policy. Many online booksellers will not refund your purchase if you drop a class - leaving you out of luck. If you drop a course during Emory University's add/drop period, which is often the first week of class, you can return your books for a full refund. Do not waste your time or risk wasting your money. Buy your books with confidence from Barnes and Noble at Emory University.